• Natural Ingredients
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Paraben Free
  • Sulfate-free
  • SLS-free
  • Cruelty-free

Winning The War Against Hair Loss


A Biological Disappearing Act

Healthy hair follicles have roughly four years of growing power inside each one. After this, the hair falls out, and the cycle begins again. As the years go by, the hair follicles tend to fizzle out. Each new hair is smaller, weaker and thinner and eventually, the follicle stops producing hair all together. But what causes this, and how can we reverse it?


Fight Baldness With Bubbles

Most men don’t realise that it’s not diet, activity levels or even your genes that lead to baldness. It’s their own scalp!

Gunky, greasy sebum is a natural byproduct of the skin, but it tends to accumulate around hair follicles. In particular on the top of the head, where scrubbing can be almost impossible.

That’s where Fortero comes in, Fortero delivers millions of tiny carbon bubbles that do the cleaning for you. Eight times more potent than a carbon bubble spa treatment, Fortero blasts the sebum, releases its stronghold, allowing hair follicles to flourish.


Science On Your Side

Research has shown that the vast majority of men who clean their scalp with a carbon shampoo like Fortero see significant hair growth in the following months. As long as they keep the sebum away, the hair stays!

The carbon bubbles also allow other products that facilitate hair growth, to work even more effectively.

Healthier for You, And the Earth

Fortero is made entirely of safe, natural ingredients you can trust.
Unlike many medicines and healthcare products, it’s free from hormone-disrupting parabens.
Everything that goes into a bottle of Fortero is ecologically friendly and sustainable, and hasn’t been tested or used on animals at any time.

Dermatologists Give It Two Thumbs Up

Dermatologists specialise in skin and hair, and so it’s no surprise they were the first professionals we consulted when creating our formula. And it passed with flying colours!
Natural ingredients, environmentally friendly, and no side effects.