Patience is a virtue. Let it pay off.

The Fortero Difference

Improves blood circulation, helping flood your scalp with the nutrients and oxygen that your hair follicles have been starved of.

At 8,000 ppm, Fortero contains gunk-scrubbing micro-bubbles that clear hair growth pathways so that your hair can thrive.

Fortero has and always will be made up of natural ingredients in a safe, non-toxic, and non-abrasive formula.

Stock Up and Save Big

Just like inhalers, hairspray, and many medical products, Fortero uses aerosol to deliver the goods. Aerosol is a great way to evenly spread a liquid, but it also carries with it special regulatory laws in the US, making it more expensive and complex to ship and store. However, when you buy more than one can of Fortero, we will happily pass these bulk discounts onto you.

Don’t look back and regret what could have been!