Hair Loss

The Causes of Hair Loss and What You Can Do to Prevent It

Hair Loss: Are Clogged Follicles The Culprit?

When you experience larger than usual hair loss, it’s easy to get frustrated and jump to conclusions.

Is it your genes? Is it your diet? Is this a normal part of aging? Who knows!

While all of these factors can contribute to hair fall, did you know that 90% of male pattern baldness is the result of what is called ‘clogged follicles’?

Hair follicles are connected to the sebaceous glands, which produce oil called sebum. This sebum moisturises your hair, but a disproportionate amount can cause your scalp to get overly greasy. When excess oil combines with dirt, dead skin cells, and chemical or product residue, it can lead to blocked pores. As a result, these clogged pores prevent the hair follicle from coming to the surface and growing normally.

When the scalp is in this condition, hair growth products can’t reach your hair roots. No matter how expensive the product is, it will never work. It’s like fertilising a desolate land.

The Little-Known Secret To Prevent Hair Loss

Clogged follicles are a cry for help. Even if you wash your hair everyday, waking up dormant hair follicles is quite a challenge.
And your hair is at further risk of breakage and damage if you scrub your scalp with chemical based shampoos more often.
Enter ‘carbonic acid shampoo’ to actively unblock the follicle, and deep clean.

The cutting edge power of carbonic acid helps to unblock the hair follicle, boost blood circulation which can help to prevent further hair loss and strengthen your existing hair. It’s tiny acidic foaming action lifts up the build up helping to establish and maintain a healthy high functioning scalp and nourish your hair.

Why Is Fortero The One-Step Solution To Stimulate Hair Growth?

Fortero shampoo harnesses the unbelievable strength of carbonic acid to prevent hair thinning, and invigorates your hair to be stronger than ever before.The expansion power of dense carbonic acid, 8,000ppm (parts per million), works like magic to cleanse and open clogged pores while increasing the blood circulation in the follicles. So it not only helps to stimulate the growth of buried hair but also fast tracks the growth of new hair.

There is a reason why 90% of Fortero users have been gazing in wonder in the mirror after just a few washes. Fortero combines a rich, concentrated collection of natural ingredients to gently cleanse and pump moisture back into the hair.