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Fortero Shampoo
Mark Warner

It seems a good product.

Great products

Started using the shampoo and conditioner. Great product, which leaves your scalp feeling cleaner and hair thicker



It works

I have been using it for 1 month and my hair falling out has slowed down to a minimum.


After a few days I noticed a big change 👌

It works !!

Have used this product for just over two weeks, and my girlfriend has noticed that the bald patch on my crown is slowly regaining hair.

Have not seen any improvements yet after 3 months

I have not seen any improvements yet after 3 months of use, I will continue to use for another 3 months before deciding whether it worked for me or not.

Brisbane AUSTRALIA. Review.

Have been using Fortero for four months and it has made my hair thicker and new hair starting to appear. I will certainly keep using this product.

Fortero Scalp Lotion [6 bottles]

Good product

I been used for a 4 months and did give good results


Nothing much to report on actual new hair growth, but my scalp in general is improving.
Only been using the product for a little over 2 months

Great product

Very clean

I'm up growing stubble now,I was really smooth on top and pretty far gone and your forteto shampoo has really started to work,so I will keep using a watching good results,cheers from Kerry👍😁

My husband is on his 2nd bottle of fortero shampoo and we are seeing a difference

Liking your product please only can afford one bottle at a time

Im happy I found this products , it gives me hope to re growth my hair

Thanks for creating this products in 3 weeks time I see the improvement

Scalp rejuvenation

After using these products (shampoo and conditioner) for just over one week, my scalp is no longer dry. My solar keratosis (from having spent years in outdoors work( has resided and there are no hard pieces of skin on my scalp any longer. The hair at my crown has noticeably thickened as well. I recommend these products doing as they say they will.

super great products!

No truer word

Great product that delivers thus far on noticeable improvements

Amazing shampoo

I only started about 1 month ago. Started with the shampoo only and my hair felt definitely healthier. But since using the conditioner my bald areas and filling in with new growth. I am looking forward to seeing the results after 3 months. I am optimistically encouraged. Definitely use the shampoo and the conditioner.

Shampoo & conditioner

Used for about 3 month stronger hair and better feeling

Easy to use

Haven't tried it for more than a week, but my scalp feels nice and the conditioner makes my long hair soft, good to see how it goes. Thanks


Works well

Awesome Product!

Hands down the best shampoo ever, and the results are amazing!