12 Rules for How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

12 Rules for How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Our world is all about blowouts, dye jobs, and treatments for your hair. But afterward, in many cases, it’s not just a matter of if your hair is damaged, but how badly damaged. However, there are a lot of factors that play into how healthy your hair is. Some of these you can’t control, such as genetics or the weather, while there are others you can certainly manipulate for glossier, healthier hair. Let’s take a look at answers to a couple of commonly asked questions regarding hair health, then cover our list of best tips for how to keep your hair healthy. 

How Can I Keep My Hair Healthy and Growing? 

This is a big question many people ask. Whether you’re trying to grow your hair out for a new look or just trying to keep growth stimulated, it’s universally known that fast-growing hair must mean healthy hair, right? So what can you do to keep your hair healthy and growing? Actually, one of the best things you can do is trim it regularly. We’re not talking about six inches here. We’re talking more like half an inch to an inch. Regular trims remove damaged hair and split ends, promoting growth from the roots. 

If your hair is naturally very dry, you can try applying some coconut oils when your hair is wet. This can help seal in moisture and keep that moisture around for soft, glossy hair. Also, keep in mind that your hair should be treated gently. Too much tugging and pulling, especially when brushing, will break or damage it. Brush from the tips up, working out any knots thoroughly as they appear.

How Can I Repair Damaged Hair? 

Here’s the reality: everyone’s hair is damaged in some way. We live in a world where hair care routines most often mean a great deal of blow-drying, curling, and straightening. So if you want to repair damaged hair, start by easing up on the constant exposure to all things heat. 

Search for shampoos and conditioners that specifically claim to be “damage repairing,” like some of Fortero’s hair growth ingredients. And mix up your hair care routine with strengthening shampoos and cleansing conditioners. Blow dryers and flat irons damage hair, but if you use conditioner properly, you’ll be protecting your hair better from said heat damage. The more you steer clear of damaging practices, the healthier your hair will become. 

Healthy Hair Treatment Rules

As it turns out, there’s a lot you can do to lighten the load on your hair care routine and keep your locks luscious and happy. Check out some additional steps on how to keep your hair healthy. 

1. Protect from Heat

Any type of heat is going to damage your hair—the heat from the sun, the heat from your blow dryer, the heat from your flat iron, etc. Try cutting exposure to these hot items and you’ll see a distinct, if not gradual, change. Yes, it will take time for the effects to become obvious, but your hair will thank you in the long run for limiting these damaging elements. 

2. Blot, Don't Run Hair

When you’re drying your hair with any type of towel, how do you do it? Do you pull the towel down the whole length of your hair? Or do you blot at it? As it turns out, blotting is the better way to dry. Your hair is actually weaker when it’s wet, so pulling or tugging on it is far more damaging than you might think. Blotting gently at wet hair will prevent further damage. 

3. Choose Cotton Towels Over Frette Towels

You don’t need anything particularly special to dry your hair with. In fact, some experts even recommend drying your hair with old cotton t-shirts rather than a Frette towel. Frette towels rough up hair cuticles a great deal, making it difficult for your hair to look healthy and happy when it really isn’t. 

4. Use Cool Air to Dry Hair

In keeping with our previous advice to avoid the heat, consider using cool air to dry your hair. It will certainly take longer, but if healthy, happier hair is what you want, this will be worth it. And you’ll see that your hair will change for the better.  

5. Air Dry Hair Overnight

Not interested in taking the time to dry your hair with cool air? We lead busy lives, so not everyone is going to have time to do that. Consider letting it air dry overnight. This is by far the best way to dry your hair—no outside forces pushing on it, just its own natural time to dry. 

6. Use Weekly Scalp Treatments

This might not be something you’ve ever considered before, but weekly scalp treatments actually go a long way toward happy, healthy hair. They keep your hair follicles clean and prevent blockage and inflammation, which can lead to thinning hair later in life. 

7. Trim Hair

We’ve mentioned this one already, but it definitely bears repeating. Dead and split ends prevent your hair from growing. They need to be trimmed off regularly so that your hair can continue to grow. 

8. Follow a Good Diet

What you eat impacts your hair’s health. You need a healthy dose of certain vitamins, proteins, and iron to keep your hair looking and feeling great. Try eating more iron-rich foods such as eggs, lentils, and spinach. Protein like milk, peas, and beans are also important. Staying hydrated will also greatly benefit your hair health. 

9. Apply Hair Oils

Coconut, olive, or almond oil are healthy hair treatments that have been used for a while now to promote healthy hair. It works particularly well on hair that is naturally dry, retaining moisture and keeping strands smooth and soft.

10. Use a Brush with Wide Bristles

Don’t attack your hair vigorously when you brush. It will do more harm than good. Start brushing from the tips up and consider getting a brush with wider bristles. Brushes with narrow bristles are prone to causing more knots than helping remove them. 

11. Use Good Shampoo 

The shampoo you use can make all the difference in how healthy your hair is. Avoid shampoos laden with harmful chemicals or parabens, and choose one with natural ingredients, like Fortero.

If you’re looking to strengthen, repair, and stimulate hair growth, Fortero is here to help. Find the right shampoo today with Fortero and get started on your journey toward healthy hair.