How to Use Fortero Correctly to Help Boost Hair Growth (With Stylist Approved Steps)

How to Use Fortero Correctly to Help Boost Hair Growth (With Stylist Approved Steps)

Most people still wash their hair the wrong way.

How do you wash your hair properly? 

Maybe you researched how to choose the best shampoo or conditioner. But I bet most people still wash their hair the wrong way. It's such a pity that we finally found the best product over hundreds of thousands of products in the market, but when used in the wrong way, people didn't get the most out of it.

Actually, there's a little more than just wetting your hair, applying shampoo, rinsing, and repeating with conditioner. Washing your hair the wrong way in the long term will significantly affect your hair health. Leading to problems such as frizzy hair, scalp issues, and even hair loss!

But don't worry! Proper hair washing techniques will protect your hair and follicles from damage during the washing process. What's more! According to top hair stylists, there are significant results in the effectiveness of hair regrowth for those who've properly been using the Fortero Carbonic Acid Shampoo daily. 

Fortero can be twice as effective as for hair loss if you use it correctly, as I mentioned here. Also, using it combined with other Fortero products (such as Fortero Revitalizing Conditioner can be a more effective and powerful solution to hair loss.

Best of all, it doesn't suffer from unpleasant side effects and infection risks in other kinds of hair loss solutions.

That is why, if you truly want the best result for your hair growth and scalp health with Fortero, you should read on to learn more about the benefits.

The stylist-approved steps to wash your hair in the best way

Step 1: Brush your hair before washing it

Brushing your hair before you shampoo while it's dry will help prevent tangles and make applying shampoo and conditioner easier.

Step 2: Wet your hair thoroughly

Do not apply your shampoo immediately. Be patient! Allow your hair to be thoroughly wet before using shampoo. It doesn't take long and usually only takes about 1 minute to thoroughly saturate your hair. If you have dense hair, it may take a little longer.

Step 3: Apply shampoo

For most shampoos, before applying the shampoo to your hair, it's better to mix it with a bit of water in the palm of your hand and lather it in your palm before applying it to your scalp. Fortero, on the other hand, is distinguished by its ultra-dense carbonic acid foams made of all-natural ingredients.

Treat your scalp with Fortero's extremely rich lather, and make sure to apply it evenly all over your scalp and crown. Remember, you don't need to apply too much shampoo on the ends when shampooing. In other words, you should focus on the roots rather than the ends.

Step 4: Gently massage your scalp

Never scrub your scalp with nails!

Your scalp is much more sensitive than you think. Using your nails can cause even more flaking and inflammation, hurt your scalp, and result in small tears and scars.

Simply massage your scalp gently by rubbing it with your fingertips. Gently rubbing your scalp helps reduce blood pressure, heart rate, stress hormone levels, headaches, and migraines. It's very relaxing and beneficial in stimulating blood circulation and oxygen to their hair follicle, allowing more nutrients to be delivered to the root while boosting hair growth.

Step 5: Rinse thoroughly

Spend some time making sure there is no soap left in your hair or scalp. Take care with this step because the residue can cause scalp buildup and even dandruff-like flakes.

Step 6: Apply conditioner

Apply the conditioner only from the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair, never on your scalp! Applying conditioner to your scalp can cause flat or limp hair.

Step 7: Rinse once more

Make sure to rinse your hair thoroughly to ensure no product is left on your scalp.

Step 8. Dry

Dry your hair with a towel. 

Be sure to squeeze gently or pat your hair dry instead of rubbing it. The way you dry your hair can also determine what your hair looks like after it dries. The material of the towel you use can make a difference in the health of your hair. Consider upgrading the towel you use now to a different material like bamboo or microfiber or a different weave like gentler jersey.

Massaging your scalp is the key

Scalp healthy matters a lot! When washing your hair, don't forget to massage your scalp. According to research, scalp massage increases hair thickness by stretching and stimulating hair follicle cells. Additionally, the scalp massage helps dilate blood vessels beneath the skin, increasing blood circulation in the scalp and encouraging hair growth. That is to say, your hair is ready to grow fuller, healthier, and shinier for sure.

Tips: how to massage your scalp to grow healthier hair 

  • Use finger tips, not nails.
  • Rub, not scrub.
  • Take your time and rub for 3 minutes.

Here's more! Hair-washing Dos & Don'ts


Wash twice if necessary.

  • If your hair is extremely greasy, just wash it twice. The thought that your hair will dry out if you wash it twice is a myth.
  • The truth is even if you are not using hair styling products, it is essential to wash twice because the sweat and sebum collected on the scalp may not be able to be washed off in one wash sometimes.

Wash off the conditioner with cold water

  • If you can stand the temperature, washing off the conditioner with cold water helps close the hair cuticles and pores on the scalp. This process adds luster and shine to the hair.


Wash with hot water

  • Washing your hair with hot water can be extremely damaging, resulting in problems such as hair loss, dandruff, and an irritated scalp. Try washing your hair with a temperature as close to your body temperature as possible.

Shampoo only the hair

  • Again, when shampooing, focus more on the scalp than the hair. It's the best time to clean your scalp and make it a perfect environment for healthy hair growth. When using Fortero, carbonic acid can get deep into your scalp and clean extra oil and dirt. A healthy scalp invigorates hair growth. 

Towel drying your hair by rubbing hard

  • Wet hair is hair at its most vulnerable! Your hair is more susceptible to breakage and damage than when dry. Rubbing your wet hair can cause damage and breakage to your hair.

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