Fortero Hair Restoration System


Fortero Hair Restoration System is a perfect kit for your hair care routine. Fortero products are clinically proven and scientifically developed by dermatologists to stop hair loss and restore hair. The hair Restoration system kit has a Carbonic Acid Shampoo, Conditioner, and Scalp lotion, all of these products have unique ingredients and helps in resolving hair loss issue. Fortero Shampoo is formulated with carbonic acid bubbles that clean the scalp by absorbing dead skin and

The Fortero conditioner has essential root extracts that make hair healthy and protects it from damage. Shampoo and Conditioner stimulate hair growth and strengthens hair. Minoxidil treatment is the most effective for hair growth, and it activates the hair follicles and fastens the hair growth cycle.
✔︎Hydrates ✔︎Moisturises ✔︎Adds Volume ✔︎Intense Conditioning ✔︎Repairs Damage ✔︎UV Protection ✔︎Strengthens hair
✔︎Eliminates Frizz ✔︎Improved Combability ✔︎ Get Rid Of Dandruff ✔︎Men Shampoo ✔︎5% minoxidil ✔︎Sulfate free ✔︎Paraben free ✔︎Silicon free ✔︎Alcohol Free

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